The Failing And Diseased Deep State

The real deep state isn’t the intel community who appear to be justifiably at war with Team Trump. The Real deep state is Robert Mercer and the Devos/Prince clan, and the Koch brothers. The people in the 1%er club are the real deep state.

Trump’s Secretary of Eduction, Betsy DeVos, comes from a family that is drowning in money. She’s pushing to end the already nearly impossible task of student loan forgiveness. She’s also pushing to move public education into a for profit venture. All her actions seem to be designed to help the rich get richer. The rich in this country are already extremely rich. How much do that want? What is their end game?

The Koch brothers are 77 and 82 years old. They have around $25 billion each. They are tacitly supporting Trump mostly to get themselves a tax cut.  They are roughly 80 years old, they have $25 billion each and they are pushing hard for a tax cut.

This goes beyond greed. This is a disease. These people have more money than many countries. They are often old. They want more. They want what you have. They want what you need to survive. This is a disease.

The image above is from America. The woman in the photo is of no less value than the Koch brothers, but she lives on the side of the road, in a tent, in America, so the Koch brothers can have another tax cut and so Betsy DeVos’ rich friends can monetize your children. This is a sickness. This is the work of the real deep state.

I’m not advocating, supporting or pushing violence, but if there is a revolution the Koch brothers, the DeVos, the Mercers, and all their friends need to be rounded up and introduced to the kind of austerity they inflict on their fellows. They are the criminal 1% and they are inflicting war-levels of pain and suffering on others who they must not view as human or their equals. Tell me why again…? Oh yea, so they can die even more disturbingly rich than they already are.

They are war criminals. That. Simply that. They. Are. War. Criminals.

Republicans plan massive cuts to programs for the poor


Molly Morrow

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