10, 9, 8… KABOOM!

Daaaaaam. It’s almost as if someone wanted to scramble Donny’s head while he was on a high visibility trip overseas. There will be no hiding while he’s abroad.

This is just day one and this afternoon we learned:

Trump Reportedly Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Investigation

Wow, a gratuitously nasty admission of obstruction. Nice.

Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say

Criminal Russia Investigation Reaches The West Wing As Trump Teeters On The Brink Of Collapse

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 5/19/17 Trump-Russia probe turns to White House adviser as it speeds up

I’m liking that little snot-nosed Jared Kushner for the target here. I really hope Jared is the first one of the inner-circle to fall.

Trump hit by twin Russia bombshells as he departs for foreign trip

It looks like Trumpy’s spooky enemies are going to piss all over his world tour. You have to wonder what this does to his polling with his base.

The Destructive Ignorance of Donald Trump’s Supporters Appears to Know No Limits

We need to keep an eye on these dangerously deluded dead-enders.

But Wait! There’s more:

What Are The Odds Things Get Ugly Once Trump Is Out Of The Country?

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