What Are The Odds Things Get Ugly Once Trump Is Out Of The Country?


All things considered it’s been strangely quiet today. Since moving into the trauma-zone after November 9th, quiet almost makes one as jumpy as hourly horrors and scandals.

Well, here’s an interesting theory of the Big Situation from Paribotics:

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess

A related opinion piece from The Hill:

Our democracy is crumbling — and Putin is smiling

It’s been quiet today, but no day is devoid of intel leaks with President Ass Clown in the White House, and in a normal world anyone of these would be the headline for days, now we consider this the background noise of a quiet day:

US spies heard Russian intelligence agent vowing to target Clinton: report

Trump has not received a daily intel briefing since the day after he briefed the Russians

Report: Republican leadership caught on tape telling the Russians what to hack on Donald Trump’s behalf

Here’s some comic insight relief before the biggest ‘quiet day’ story:

Liberal Redneck – What’s It Gonna Take Yall

Here’s the doozy:

As Trump adviser, Flynn stopped a military plan Turkey opposed after being paid $500K as its agent

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