By Orders Of Magnitude

Have a nice piece of chocolate cake with that, Mr. President.

The Intel Community’s psy-ops are ramping up before the hard power move.

BREAKING: Comey Memo Proves Trump Committed Impeachable Offense; This Is It

FBI DirectorJames Comey’s smoking gun memo nails Donald Trump on obstruction of justice

REVEALED: Trump made Sessions and Pence leave room before asking Comey to drop Flynn investigation

‘I hope you let this go’: Bombshell Comey memo reveals Trump asked him to drop Flynn investigation

According to the report, Trump reportedly told Comey that the FBI should “should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information”.

That’s going to go over well.

A source in the FBI says there are many memos.

Exhausted Republicans Are Getting Fed Up With The Chaos Coming From The White House

Maybe arrests of some of the smaller fish while the Clown-in-Chief is out of the country. Maybe.


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