Poisoned Algorithms And Dead Russians Round-UP


Here’s a good article from Truthdig about the capitalization of algorithms. Be afraid, be very afraid.

How Our Worlds Are Decided for Us From Behind the Computational Curtain

Microsoft’s “Potential” recruiting video is wonderful because it so transparently celebrates a world where corporate profit goes hand in hand with digital technology, which goes hand in hand with capitalist globalization, which goes hand in hand with the colonization of our own futures by some super-intense neoliberal metaphor of code. One might ask, does this code ever rest? Does it have fun, go to a soccer match, or drink a glass of wine? Or is its only function to work/use Microsoft products? The code inside us seems like the kind of code who stays late at the office to the detriment of friendship, partnership, or possibly a child’s birthday.–John Cheney-Lippold

The slaughter of gays in Chechnya is terrifying and picking up pace.

Chechnya gay concentration camps take even darker turn – here’s how you can help save LGBTQ lives

The slaughter of Putin’s critics is terrifying and picking up pace.

38 Russian Dissidents & Journalists Die Mysteriously – Fingers Point To Putin

Here’s a good background article on the birth of Israel. It’s good context to have as we consider yet another Middle East war.

How Israel’s violent birth destroyed Palestine

Perhaps Pence won’t survive the Russiagate fallout.

Rep. Cummings busts Pence: “I warned the vice president directly” about Michael Flynn

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