Direct Line From Neoliberalism To Authoritarianism –or– The Guillotine Awaits

Neoliberalism. Lassez faire capitalism. Dog-eat-dog economics. Call it want you want, but whatever you call it, it has been the guiding economic policy of America, and the wealthy nations’ global institutions, since the early 1980’s. The results of trickle-down, pamper the rich and humiliate the poor policies are definitely in. Here’s what happens: Wealth inequality happens. Economic insecurity for the middle and lower economic classes happen. Government becoming wildly dysfunctional due to the over-influence of the rich in policy happens. Hyper government secrecy happens. Security states and authoritarian regimes, they happen.

Neoliberalism leads straight to economic insecurity and economic insecurity leads straight to all kinds of evil as people become more scared and desperate. They become more susceptible to the con of the authoritarian and the kleptocrat; they are easily distracted into scapegoating minorities and immigrants. These exact same things have happen before, although we may be in a bit of uncharted water presently, as we are in the new digital age and because of the number of nuclear armed states, but still, if history can be relied on as a guide, then the final chapter is always the same: The greedy and power hungry cause a catastrophic train wreck and then they end up swing from piano wire or being strapped into a guillotine.

Reagan brought us Donald Trump, and everyone who signed on to the idea of favor the rich, concentrate wealth. Citizens Untied brought us Trump, everything that has led to the rich elite taking over our government. Every white working class voter who has voted against their own self interest to vote for their “culture”, or some shred of white privilege has got us here. The economic insecurity that is a characteristic, an easy to see, 100% predictable characteristic of neoliberalism, has got us here– to this place where we have an idiotic man-child with autocratic dreams as president of the United States.

Neoliberalism, at this point in history, should be so discredited that it is seen as a disease.

Molly Morrow 4/4/17

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