Childish Fantasies Of The Half-Bright– or — Steve Bannon As Beavis

Steve Bannon is a person who wants to be seen as highly intelligent. Steve Bannon wants you to believe that he sees things that you do not. And he may be highly intelligent; he may see things that you do not see. And yet, he may not be as smart as he thinks. And he may see things that you don’t see, but that’s probably because he’s seeing his own childish, half-bright fantasies.

Steve Bannon sees the world burning.

And the world may well burn. But I don’t think it has to. Steve Bannon is actively, and admittedly, trying to set it ablaze. That’s his fantasy. That’s the bottom line of his self-advertised high intelligence. Burn it all down.

As a student at Virginia Tech he began building his myth as a well read smart guy who liked to talk about big ideas.

A look at Bannon’s films reveals, again, the bottom line of Bannon’s deep thoughts, and the Deep Thought appears to be a dunce’s primal scream.

In Bannon’s dark an apocalyptic world, where the heroes are few and the stakes are high, we’ve only a cadre of mavericks and truth tellers to protect us. They include Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and Lou Dobbs and Michele Bachmann. An important one is Robertson, the God-fearin,’ gun-totin’ patriarch of the clan; he’s the star of Bannon’s most recent film, “Torchbearer.”– Adam Wren

Bannon likes to reference the works that influenced his ‘deep thinking’. they include The Camp of the Saints by French author Jean Raspail, which is a novel about a race war

“The Camp of the Saints”, which takes its title from the Bible, was written by ultra-reactionary French author Jean Raspail, who openly describes himself as a “royalist” who wants to restore the Catholic monarchy. In the book, he describes hordes of Indians trying to conquer white Western Christendom as “thousands of wretched creatures” and “turd-eaters.”

The Fourth Turning is another book Bannon can’t stop talking about.

In Bannon’s view, we are in the midst of an existential war, and everything is a part of that conflict. Treaties must be torn up, enemies named, culture changed. Global conflagration, should it occur, would only prove the theory correct. For Bannon, the Fourth Turning has arrived.

Bannon also cites French philosopher Charles Maurras as an influence. Citing French philosophers is a tried and true technique for proving your smarts. Even if they are fascist philosophers who died in prison for collaborating with the Nazis. I’m just going to say it. Fascism ain’t smart. No matter who you reference.

Bannon has said that he is an economic nationalist and also that he wants to destroy the administrative state. Taken separately the two ideas may not preclude intelligence– said by the same person I think they do. How are these two ideas not mutually exclusive? How can you care about your own national economy while at the same time destroying government administration? You can’t that’s how. Bannon can sound like someone who’s very smart, but then you scratch the surface of his thinking and you see flames, or hero worship of embarrassingly silly people like Sarah Palin.

Bannon is just a fake Beavis intellectual  yelling, “Fire! Fire! Fire!”

Here’s another wonderful sign of Steve Bannon’s high intelligence. Bannon  has become a wealthy man, thanks to rich Rightwing donors. As a certified rich person I’m sure a tax lawyer told him he might want to establish residency in a state with no personal income tax, like, say, Florida, where Bannon’s third wife lived.

This is a pretty shady scam, but not an uncommon one among your standard issue Rightwing law and order types. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward operation.

Unless you’re as smart as Steve Bannon, then it’s a serious cluster-fuck.

Bannon was married to the woman who he got to help him in this charade, so presumably he knew her pretty well. Reading the article in the Washington Post I’d say she’s a little unstable, probably likes drama, and bad boys, and coke.

She had been in an apartment in the $950 a month range. Bannon apparently offered to put her up in a $4,500 a month house if she played along and pretended he lived there. What could go wrong? Besides the late night car accidents in driveway, and the constant loud parties, and her boyfriend getting busted for coke, and then her getting busted trying to smuggle a cellphone, drugs and $700 in cash into the jail? What could go wrong? Besides the jacuzzi being filled with acid and padlocks being put on the inside of doors? What could go wrong? Well, maybe registering to vote in two states while taking on the mantle of intellectual for a political party that likes to scream about voter fraud– yea, that could go wrong… but otherwise…

During his political rise, Stephen K. Bannon was a man with no fixed address

To be fair, Bannon was probably lost in his happy place deep thoughts about French Nazi sympathizers, or Fire! Fire! Fire!

by Molly Morrow 4/2/17

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