Grovel and Beg. Who Are We? Are We Really The People Who Live Free Or Die? — by Molly

This is the beating heart of our dog-eat-dog system: Grovel and Beg for what you get. Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID) was on Morning Joe and things turned tense when he was asked about paid family leave.

Republican congressman explains why people don’t need paid family leave, leaves ‘Morning Joe’ speechless

Labrador owned a business, so in the Right’s construct that makes him a “better” and his employees his lessers. They should be grateful for whatever he decides to give them. He doesn’t believe that his business’ success was built with their labor. They are not his equals. Any respect he gives them as humans they should be grateful for.

We see this attitude everywhere in our dog-eat-dog system. We have seen time and again that if you are a person of color, not groveling before the police could end up being a capital offense subject to summary execution. In a society of free people the police are supposed to work for the community they provide policing for. They get paid to do that. Paid by the people they’re supposed to provide policing for, by the way. They should be respected, but they should first respect the community they work in. That’s how I hear free people do it anyway.

This is why the argument that the white working class Trump supporters deserve our sympathy is so wrong. The white working class may have it rough but that is largely because of policies they themselves have voted for when they vote for representatives that, with a wink and a nudge, and a dog whistle or two, promise to give them a slightly better deal than the deal the brown and black people get, every day, all the time. The white working class who back and normalize this system, so they can get, once again, a slightly better deal, deserve no respect, in fact, I would argue that they deserve our absolute disrespect for their vile transaction.

I’ve noticed that many in the dog-eat-dog system even have a deluded religion based on groveling before god because groveling before men is never enough. They have made an economic and judicial system in the image of their false god. One of the big, reoccurring themes I’ve noted in the Christian scriptures is the idea that god is a parent. I have never met a sane, healthy parent who wanted their children to grovel before them. That’s not a thing, except among the very sick. We should stop letting these people shape our country. Seriously. They are toxic.

Which brings up Jared Kushner. Donald looks to be turning over the government of the United States to this half-bright, deluded douche. Jared has said:

“The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

The US government is not a for profit business, or, at least, it shouldn’t be. The idea is repulsive on its face. I thought we stood for something a little higher than just profit. It’s a disgusting notion. And one that, apparently, the government is now fully running on. I’ve heard that in healthy, free societies the citizens are not “customers” of government services, but actually the owners of the government.  That’s just what I heard somewhere.

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