Visualize The Kill Shot

The GOPers have troubles right now. Michael Moore has said that Democrats shouldn’t gloat over the Republican’s healthcare crash-and-burn. And he’s right. This is no time to gloat. It’s time to double down and visualize the kill shot on the GOPers. They’ve got big troubles right now. There is infighting and dissension in their ranks. These fissure and factions will persist going forward.

The dark clouds of Russiagate hangs over the whole party, and corruption, often tied to the Russiagate story, follows them everywhere.

AP Top News AP Exclusive: US probe of ex-Trump aide extends to Cyprus

Trump’s Keystone plan: 35 jobs for America, millions of dollars to Russian oligarchs

Yes, this is no time to gloat. It’s time to think about discrediting the GOPers, destroying them and driving them from power. Far away from power.

It’s easier to defeat the Rightwing authoritarians now than it is after they take over completely. In Belarus, the country many say Putin studied for his own authoritarian take over of Russia, the crack down on civil liberties continues, but it’s interesting to note that what is fueling the resistance at the moment seems to be a backlash against the economic collapse there. Notice that the average income in Belarus is currently under $400 a month.

Lukashenko, Putin’s Dictatorship Mentor, Moves to Crush The Opposition

And even in Russia itself there is a growing resistance. The main driving force of the resistance? Government corruption.

Russia just had its biggest unsanctioned protests in years, and hundreds are in jail

To re-state: The GOPers are in a weakened position and the Left should go on the offensive– not negotiate, not collaborate– Go on the offensive like our liberty depended on it. Constantly focus on their fraud, corruption and treason. Visualize the kill shot.


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