The Unifying Principle

Here we’ve be referring to it as Radical Capitalism or Extremist Capitalism, but, as we’ve acknowledged, those aren’t really accurate terms since the GOP, Putin, and even the corporatist don’t really believe in capitalism, at least not real, fair capitalism. But somehow the terms seem right. A more accurate term for the unifying principle that explains everything we’re seeing from these people is: Power and Wealth Concentrators. Radical Power and Wealth Concentrators. That is what they are after. That is what they want. That is what they do. That idea explains everything.

The Mercers are employing A.I. to forward that aim:

Psychological profiles of every US voter are being developed by Trump-backed ‘dark data’ firm

The corporatist wing pushes to make large corporations and the rich Uber Citizens:

Gorsuch Sides With Right-Wing Justices Who Brush Off Big Money’s Utter Corruption of Political System

and Stuart Varney and the Freedom Caucus far Right don’t like the current form of Trumpcare because it is not cruel enough to the middle class and poor, it’s doesn’t turn them into serfs fast enough:

Fox’s Stuart Varney Loses His Sh*t: “The Republican Party Is A Disgrace”

Power and Wealth Concentration explains every move, every attitude and every idea of the Right. See them through this prism and they are easier to understand and therefore defeat. Know your enemy.

Manafort, Stone and Atwater

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