Wow! Corrupt And Insane! A Two-For! Great Job GOPers!

The GOPers have seriously stepped up their game since the Dubya days. Just when the GOPer bar is set at massive, gratuitous, region destabilizing war in the Middle East, rank no-bid-contract corruption, and global economic implosion– Bam! They step it up, way the hell up.

To all that the GOPers have added: Corruption Squared, PLUS unhinged cray-cray! Whoa! Way to go GOPers!

Trump Hits Time Reporter: ‘I Can’t Be Doing So Badly, Because I’m President and You’re Not.’

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But wait! There’s even more! The GOPers have absolutely zero idea how to actually govern. None. Zip. Nada.

Exhibit A: Repeal and Replace. They’ve had six, seven years to get their shit together on this. Turns out all they really know how to do is snivel and play victim. A real plan? Forget about it.

Everything About This Republican Obamacare Repeal Vote Is Nuts

House GOP leaders agree to gut essential health benefits, begin hemorrhaging moderate votes

Even some of their own are whining about the ideas they as a party have been squawking about for years and years. They really do appear to be full blown zombies– they have no self-awareness.

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‘A huge mistake’: Trump booster Joe Walsh says president doesn’t even know what’s in Trumpcare bill

If this were a comedy/horror flick it would be tops. Pure genius. The fact that’s it’s really happening– Horrifying. There has got to be a special corner of hell waiting for the GOPers and all their friends. That’s the only thing getting us through the day around here right now.

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