America Is Very Ill Right Now

Heavy weight Christian Erick Erickson tweeted out this spiritual gem yesterday:

In Matt 25, when Jesus talks about caring for “the least of these,” he isn’t talking about the poor in general, but fellow Christians

Get it? According to Erick’s perverse interpretation of the pretty simple and straightforward teachings of Jesus, if you’re not “Christian” he needs not be concerned with your suffering. Breathtakingly evil. It takes a special kind of sickness to so utterly pervert and corrupt such a simple spiritual ideal. America has this sickness right now. Real bad.

It’s expressed perfectly in Trump’s diseased budget.

And why is there such a nazi-friendly attitude in the White House?

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Another Day, Another Report About Steve Bannon’s Affection for Nazism

America is very ill right now. Our allies and old friends should pray for us.

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