Racist and For-Profit ‘Health-Care’ Round-UP

Rep. Steve King is probably feeling emboldened by the Trump win and advances of the National Populist in Europe so he’s been letting his White Pride flag fly. There’s nothing really surprising about his beliefs, he’s been pretty out front with them for some time, but now he’s getting bolder. After he talked about “other people’s babies” Paul Ryan tweeted that he hoped King “misspoke”. Ryan knows damn well that King didn’t “misspeak”. Ryan also knows that if he’s forced to criticize King too hard there will be backlash. Backlash from the racist GOPer base and backlash from the racist elected GOPers. Such is the state of affairs in GOPer world that you have to be careful not to enrage the large racist faction in your party.

Poor Ryan, the punk bastard also has to worry about shepherding through a “healthcare” bill that will surely kill people, in cruel and ugly ways, as for-profit healthcare systems always do; while at the same time fighting off attacks from the Breitbart/Freedom Caucus/White Supremacist GOPer wing.

The hillbilly Trump supports are about get their Trump University diplomas as Trumpy gets ready to start breaking campaign promises to protect them: Trump flunks leadership test,

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