Sympathy For Sniveling Dunces

The part of the Left that says we need to have sympathy for the white blue-collar Trump supporters might want to form a new party. They could get with disaffected Trump supporters and call themselves the Sniveling Dunce Party.

I fully agree that the establishment/corporate wing of the Democratic Party has been co-conspirators with the radical capitalists, but that has hurt everyone in the middle class and the poor– Not Just the White Working Class.

The Trump supporters were duped by their own desire for continued privilege at the expense of their fellow working class and poor. They deserve no sympathy.

Now some of them are having regrets about voting for Trump. His con is an absolute utter and total shock to them. To dunces and people who had bad motives to begin with it would be shocking.

Here’s a great example of one of those Trump supporters. She’s upset Trump betrayed her (shocking). But she has no sympathy for what her vote has inflicted on the country as a whole and her fellow citizens. It’s all about her. She is a victim. Forget that her and her fellow Trump supporters are the real victimizers, and the really amazing part is that she has learned absolutely nothing.

Her answer to all this? Don’t vote. Not: better educate yourself before you vote. Not: make better decisions. Not: think about people who are different from you. Nope. Nothing. “I’m a victim, that’s all I know. I shouldn’t have voted”

55-year-old first-time voter who chose Trump protests large increase in health costs

Please go away. Take Trump and the GOPers with you. Thank you.


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