Socialism, Welfare, And Free iPhones For The Rich– Dog Eat Dog For Everyone Else

Jason Chaffetz thinks the poor should give up their iPhones to get health insurance. Jason Chaffetz has top of the line government issued health insurance and his rich donors pay his phone bills.

GOP Rep Who Complained About Americans Wasting Money on iPhones May Use iPhone Paid for by Donors

No, Jason Chaffetz, Paying for Health Care Is Not Like Buying an iPhone

Jason Chaffetz’s iPhone comment revives the ‘poverty is a choice’ argument

Chaffetz, the GOPers all, and the super rich love dog-eat-dog, no holds barred, radical capitalism… for everyone else. Not for them.

Donny inherited more than most people will ever dream about seeing in one life time. He lied to his supporters when he told them that social security and medicare wouldn’t be touched. The GOPers don’t think there should be a safety net of any kind… except for them and theirs.

Trump’s tax plan has a hidden surprise for Social Security

How GOP, Trump Will Take Backdoor Route To Slash Social Security, Medicare

The Fox News viewers and Trump supporters who join in in vilifying and demonizing the poor are about to get their asses handed to them. They’re about to find out that the rich are not their friends. The rich elites want, and give to themselves, socialism and welfare, very generous socialism and welfare– for the rest: You can fight among yourselves for the scraps…

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