Radical Extremist Capitalism– By Molly

The U.S. has been taken over by a group more dangerous than the Russians or the madman in the Oval Office, the U.S. has been taken over by Radical Extremist Capitalists. Their goal is to concentrate as much wealth as possible in the fewest hands possible.

There would never have been a madman in the Oval Office susceptible to Russian influence if not for the failures of neoliberalism, or what should be called radical extremist capitalism. The dog-eat-dog cruelty of the radical capitalists is what made the ground fertile for a con artist autocrat like Trump.

The extremist capitalists have been busy while Trump clowns and scandalizes the national psyche. They are not concerned with the well being of our democracy or it’s citizens or the environment. They have one concern, one goal: Concentrate wealth.

Notice now how the Right’s argument on healthcare is only about one thing: How cruel and brutal they can get away with being to our most vulnerable.

Conservatives Lash Out At ‘Republican Welfare’ As Opposition To ‘Ryancare’ Grows

What is best for the country and it’s citizens will never enter into this conversation, at least not until the PR and dissembling campaign starts.

For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.– Jonathan Swift

The U.S. government has been taken over by radical extremist capitalists and the governed are being dictated to without their consent. The radical capitalists will not be happy until large swaths of the population are corporate serfs or worse.

Thousands of ICE detainees claim they were forced into labor, a violation of anti-slavery laws

If we could take the country back, out of the hands of the radical capitalists, what would we try to make it look like? Would there still be homeless people in the streets of every city? Would the weak and vulnerable still die without decent healthcare? Would we allow the natural world to be used as a corporate toxic cesspool? Why would we, the governed, consent to this now? Why do we agree to spend 30% of our budget on the military? Do we as the governed consent to that? Why do we tolerate 20% of our children living in poverty? Did we consent to allowing our representatives to take unlimited cash from the mega-rich and giant corporations? Don’t they work for us? Isn’t the government supposed to have our consent to do these things? When did that change? Is this really the best we, as a country, can do?

Utopian thinking: the easy way to eradicate poverty

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