National Populist, Russians and Algorithms

–“There is so much panic in the U.S. political establishment over Russia right now that Trump will be boxed in on what he can do,” said Matthew Rojansky, a Russia expert at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington.– Reuters

Trump’s ‘bromance’ with Russia’s Putin appears to be cooling

Every step down this rabbit hole gets worse and worse.

Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses

And the hypocrisy gets more and more rank.

Jeff Sessions Called For A Special Counsel After Loretta Lynch Met With Bill Clinton

Also, The wider GOPer feet dragging at investigating this obvious and massive scandal may not only be because the GOPers think they can get their policies turned into law by staying with Trump, but also because they may be involved as well. Did the Russians work to help the larger GOP election efforts? Signs are appearing that that is so:

How much did Russian hacking affect congressional races? And how deeply was the GOP involved?

We’ve been writing a lot lately about Robert Mercer¬†and his black magic algorithm software. It really does look like the Russians have incorporated some of the tools developed by Mercer’s Bridgewater company and Cambridge Analytica. The same tools that helped the same alliance in the UK push through Brexit; an alliance between the local national populist and the Russians. They seem to employ paid trolls, Fake News, Mercer and American hedge fund developed algorithm software and other tools; and it’s all rolled into one neat Russian package filed under “Information Operations”.

–That effort is enormous, encompassing billions of dollars and dozens of domestic and international media outlets in an architecture that dwarfs the disinformation offensive marshaled against the West by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.– The Daily Beast

Russia Heats Up Its Infowar With the West

UK officials now think Russia may have interfered with the Brexit vote

Does that explain the FBI’s strange relationship with the Trump Campaign, and now the obfuscation of the Russiangate Investigation? Is the FBI part of the national-populist/Russian alliance?

Democrat accuses FBI Director James Comey of withholding Russia information from lawmakers

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