Treason is not a pretty look

Let’s play that game again. You know the one– Where we pretend it’s a Democrat doing the same thing! Yay! I love that game. President Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisor was just busted cutting dirty deals with the Russians! Whoa, just imagine the firestorm. Fox News would be broadcasting in all caps, all the time.

So, Flynn resigns, 24 days in. Meanwhile the GOPers are absolutely determined to make their end game shame so massive they will never survive it. The longer they cover and apologize for Trumpy the Clown the worse this is going to be for them. Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the powerful Oversight Committee, is such an obvious poisonous little toad that his disgrace, in the end, will be total and complete. The man could not help himself from trying, pathetically, to tarnish Clinton and Obama, but when possible treason is staring him right in the face? While Trump scandals mount, Chaffetz decides to investigate… a cartoon character.

House Oversight Committee Chair Won’t Investigate Michael Flynn. Chaffetz is looking like an accomplice, as is the entire, rotten, poisonous GOP.

So, what did Trumpy the Clown know and when the hell did he know?

Acting AG Sally Yates Warned Trump Admin. About Flynn

We are going to find out. With or without Chaffetz and the GOPers.

This really is a deep and multifaceted story with wheels within wheels spinning and, I think, about to explode. See, while all this is going on the Russians are: 1) Up to no good: Russia deploys cruise missile in violation of arms treaty: report, and, wow, this one is just creepy: Russian spy ship patrolling off U.S. east coast; and 2) Beginning to get worried about Trumpy, so they could turn on him at any moment. Kremlin concerned Trump may be more ‘unpredictable’ than they had bargained for: report

Which is all kind of… Funny? That’s not the right word, but, well, here’s some video of Trumpy the Hilarious Clown saying Obama is weak and the Russians don’t respect him: ‘You’re a Leader or You’re Not’: Trump Says Putin Doesn’t Respect Obama. Priceless.

Oh, but wait– There’s more, there’s always more. After the Flynn story broke Trumpy the Shameless Stooge tweeted out that the story wasn’t Flynn, oh no, the real story was all the leaks. Trump’s only public comment about Flynn is an angry tweet about leaks. OMG! I am going to break a rib laughing. That is… Comedy Gold. Comedy gold! For lots of reasons, but not least among them, because Trumpy the Babbling Moron used to love the crap out of some leaks, at least leaked DNC emails. Trump mentioned Wikileaks 164 times in last month of election, now claims it didn’t impact one voter. This guy loves leaks. Well, unless they’re leaks about Russian prostitutes leaking on him. Ha!

Except some people aren’t laughing at Trumpy’s seemingly endless stream (sorry) of punchlines: Top military official frets over ‘unbelievable turmoil’ in White House: ‘Sort it out soon — we’re at war’

Wild stuff. You can not make this up. But let’s close with that fun game, one more time. The pretend game. Pretend this is all happening to a Lefty. Hey, I know! Let’s pretend Michael Flynn is yelling for that Lefty to be jailed! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

Better yet, Let’s, for real, lock up this treasonous asshole. Lock Him Up!


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