Olbermann didn’t just nail it– He Hit It Out The Park!


Trump’s Michael Flynn Just Resigned After Being Caught Colluding With Russia

So, what happens now? Trumpy the Clown appoints Petraeus to replace Flynn? Haha, that’s great. Petraeus is a convicted security breach. Remember Trumpy sniveling about Hilary? Oh god, this is too much hypocrisy for one people to take. But wait, Petraeus…? Is he really going to risk another security scandal to his name? If Trumpy appoints Petraeus to be his National Security Advisor wouldn’t Petraeus be kind of inclined to, you know, point out intelligence lapses, like, say, oh, I don’t freakin’ know, Russian Blackmail?

Trump Considers Four Veteran Strategists To Replace Michael Flynn

Yep, this could be quite a little quandary Trumy the Clown has got himself into here.

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