The Morally Unfit Supporting The Mentally Unfit

This would be hilarious… if it weren’t actually happening. Donald Trump is mentally unfit for the presidency, for any elected office.  It is a self-evident Fact. It’s ludicrous to even argue about it at this point. Let me say it again: Trump is very obviously mentally unfit for elected office, Any Elected Office.

The GOPer Zombie’s would argue the point, even though it’s getting more difficult by the day to take that position. And allow me to repeat– It’s ludicrous to take the position that the President of the United States is Mentally Fit for that office, on its face ludicrous– three weeks in you can not seriously take that position. You’d think that would terrify the GOPers. And they may be getting nervous but, see, they’ve made a deal here. The deal is they support a mentally unfit person to sit in the most powerful seat on the planet and in return they get: To continue concentrating the country’s wealth in the hands of their friends; to show black people, brown people, and LGBT community who’s boss; plus other equally odious trade-offs. So, they’ve agreed to let a crazy person be president in exchange for the privilege of raping and pillaging the country.

The president is mentally unfit and the GOPers are morally unfit.

Let’s see, here’s a short list of cray-cray crazy from the guy who’s got his finger on the nuclear launch button, FROM JUST TODAY, BEFORE LUNCH:

Judge Gorsuch criticized Trump. The president isn’t handling it very well.

‘He doubles down when he’s wrong’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo blisters Trump for lying about Gorsuch reporting

Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump’s Attack Against Nordstrom — By Advertising Ivanka’s Products

Oh, and then Trumpy the Nutcase called up the president of France to babble insanely:

Trump demanded America’s NATO money back from France’s Hollande in messy phone call: report

Trump Escalates Attack on Federal Judges Who Dare Delay and Question His Travel Ban from Muslim Countries

Morning Joe hosts call out GOP on Trump: ‘We’re talking about the sanctity of our constitution’

And then Trump the Vapid-Nutjob called his friend Vladimir Putin to bitch about the Obama era nuclear arms treaty, but, apparently, didn’t know what was in the treaty.

When Putin raised the possibility of extending the 2010 treaty, known as New START, Trump paused to ask his aides in an aside what the treaty was, these sources said.– Reuters 

Exclusive: In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty – sources

Nervous yet? And we’re not even getting started. The really terrifying thing is not that we have a pathologically lying psychopath in the White House, it’s that the GOP is supporting a pathologically lying psychopath in the White House as long as it means that they can steal, pollute, discriminate and oppress. The morally unfit supporting the mentally unfit. That there is the problem, sisters and brothers.

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