Venal Vipers Round-Up

The Trumpistas are looking for an excuse for a crackdown. A terrorist attack, violent protests, they don’t need much. This is another reason I’m happy to see the women taking the lead in the resistance.

Trump’s Advisers Want a New Civil War—We Must Not Let Them Have It

McCain is a Republican to watch. He seems to be slowly moving into the Trump opposition camp.

McCain: You’d Have to Be Biased or Misinformed to Say U.S. and Russia Have Moral Equivalence

The situation in Yemen is heartbreaking.

Yemen’s food crisis: ‘We die either from the bombing or the hunger’

Assad in Syria is accused of torturing and hanging thousands. Hell on earth war crimes level here. Trump and his bestest Putin seem to be fond of Assad.

Amnesty says Syria executes, tortures thousands at prison; government denies

And this is what you sound like when you sell your soul to an asshat:

Rick Santorum: Trump can lie about the murder rate because he’s not ‘bound by all the facts’

Christians, giving a bad name to Jesus since way back.

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