Week 3, DEFCON 2 by Molly Morrow

As a country, even as a planet, we are facing some very serious problems. Without exaggeration some of these problems seem to be near existential. We, obviously, have a dysfunctional political system in the US, and that problem was certainly brought about by the other very serious problem facing the country: Economic Injustice. We have an economic system in place that is unfair and unsustainable and that is warping and causing dysfunction in our political system and also allowing, if not causing, serious,even deadly, environmental crisis. That’s a short list.

We’re not really dealing with any of these problems because at the moment the biggest problem facing the US, and the world, is we have an obviously mentally unbalanced person as our chief executive.

I feel comfortable saying that without presenting the volumes of evidence and sources that exist to support the claim. Donald Trump is dangerously mental. I think just two of his tweets from this morning are more evidence then is necessary at this point.

Going forward we should be clear about how we got to this frightening spot where we have an obvious nut job sitting in the Oval Office. How did this happen?

Trump is a GOP creation, who can argue with that? The Tea Party, The Rightwing Media, The GOP establishment, they all helped to create Trump, and now most of them are trying to ignore his quite obvious madness– extremely dangerous madness, which is something that they should never be forgiven for, in a shortsighted effort to advance their 1%er friendly economic agenda.

But the Dems, especially the establishment Democrats, get some blame too. They have spent 30 years negotiating and even collaborating with the forces of dog-eat-dog capitalism and fear politics that have got us here.

If we make it through this in anything like one piece we will have to do better, much better. We must evolve our thinking on economics. Dog-eat-dog economic policies, neoliberalism, the brutal forms of capitalism that have led us to this point, all that is a failure in the world we presently find ourselves in. Remember, Trump is the result. That is failure. We may survive this once; it’s highly unlikely we’ll survive it twice. We have to, from the ground up, completely re-access how we structure our economic system, and it can not be based solely on winner take all, might is right capitalism. Again, President Trump is the bottom line result of that system. Never again.

We should keep this in mind going forward– If we survive Trump we must change the system, possibly fairly radically, to ensure this never, ever can happen again.

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