Shiva, god of destruction


There’s a lot of contradictions in the stated thinking of Bannon. He hates the globalist and greedy financial institutions and yet he worked for Goldman Sachs and is part of an administration that is packed with Goldman Sachs big shots. He says he’s a national populist who is for the working man and is part of a political movement that would voucherize Medicare, privatize Social Security and give tax breaks to the wealthiest.

None of it makes sense. I’m starting to see Bannon in a new light though.

I’m beginning to see Bannon as someone who really only wants, what he probably thinks of as, creative destruction. The obvious contradictions of his thinking don’t bother him at all since they have nothing to do with his actual goal. His goal, I’m really beginning to believe, is igniting a conflagration.

Trump adviser: Steve Bannon’s National Security Council qualifications include “crushing left-wing rivals”

Steve Bannon’s war with Islam: Trump may not even understand his adviser’s apocalyptic vision

If you see him in this light the hate of Islam is just a convenient tool.

REVEALED: Steve Bannon’s proposed documentary warning of the ‘Islamic States of America’

Thats the genius of the SNL bit, Bannon is someone who just wants to blow the world up, that may be his only ideology– Destruction.


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