Do you think these fascist assclowns will take the weekend off?

Do you think these fascist assclowns will take the weekend off? I hope so– keeping up with the sheer volume of their non-stop jackassery is emotionally exhausting. I doubt they will though. They all act, and are starting to look, like their drinking bottled amphetamine water. Slow down there, Kellyanne.

‘Bowling-fucking-Green Massacre”? What is Kellyanne even going on about here? Media that puts her on the air now is just straight into  malicious malpractice at this point.

“Bowling Green massacre”: Kellyanne Conway, Rand Paul fabricate attack to defend Muslim ban

And while we’re on Kellyanne’s descent into something that looks like meth-addled nonsense here’s a laugh-and-a-half whine about Trumpets the Clown not getting enough respect. Ha.

Kellyanne Conway: Media inciting a ‘mob mentality’ by not giving Trump ‘aura of respect’ he deserves

It’s going to get worse, Kellyanne. Much, much worse.

We’ve written in the past about the likelihood of the Trump zombies repelling the Johnson Amendment that bars churches from political activities. That repel just became a whole lot more likely:

Trump pledges to ‘totally destroy’ ban on church political activity

I think Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wins the award for best turn of a phrase this week:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse shreds Trump’s first week at AG hearing: ‘A gong show with a nuclear button’


Here’s some pieces dealing with 1% assholes. After the revolution they all need to be driven into bankruptcy and shame:

It’s Time to Take America’s Billionaire Class Head On

Donald Trump Jr. ‘liked’ tweet hoping Quebec shooter was a Muslim because it would help his dad

‘America First’ Trump billionaire Peter Thiel swore oath to Queen to get ‘doomsday’ New Zealand citizenship: report

Now, hopefully they’ll all have a meth crash that last all weekend. Please.

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