I would say we’re going to hit a flashpoint fairly soon. We have a volatile situation in the US right now and Trump and the GOP are handling implementation of their agenda in a pretty ham fisted way. No telling what will ignited the flash. Flagrant, offensive injustice?

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Corruptions and incompetence?

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There’s a boat load of ways Trump and the GOP ignites a firestorm of backlash, but I continue to like Bannon for it. Bannon is the dangerous wild card. I’ve known people like this. They believe they have the secret special insight that others lack. They love the macho, tough guy characters and hardcore warfare history as a sort of porn. They frame everything in war metaphors and cast themselves as the great, unorthodox, genius general. They quote Marcus Aurelius. I’ve know psychopaths like this. They are dangerous. None of the ones I’ve know have ever had the kind of power Bannon now has. He will create chaos, confusion and war. I think Bannon will be behind the flashpoint ignition, but who ever lights the fuse, it is coming, you can feel it.

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