The Judiciary


The judiciary branch is being tested. The feel is Team Trump will bulldoze the judiciary branch whenever they feel like it.

CBP Ignores Court Orders

And it looks like the Department of Justice will either be a rubber stamp or be gutted.

Sally Yates firing and Trump cabinet cause partisan ‘bad blood’ to boil over

Senator Feinstein was explicit about this concerning Sessions for Attorney General:

“We’re being asked to vote on a nominee that will have to stand up to a president who is clearly willing to ignore the law and even issue orders that are in violation of the Constitution,”

Dianne Feinstein Eviscerates Jeff Sessions In Savage Closing Argument

As for Trumpy’s reality TV show SCOTUS announcement and nomination of Neil Gorsuch; I would hope that the Dems would understand by now that every action of Trump and the Trump supporting GOP must be opposed. Supreme Court Nominees especially. Remember Merrick Garland. If Gorsuch is to get through let the Republicans do it alone, but during his hearings he should be asked repeatedly how he would handle the constitutional crisis that is almost certainly coming.


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