Chaos And Dysfunction

The portrait of Andrew Jackson Trump put in the Oval Office is there as a statement.

Border agents defy courts on Trump travel ban, congressmen and lawyers say

The Trumpistas appear to be signaling that if they disagree with the Judiciary Branch they will ignore it. You have to wonder how many of the Republican zombies will sign on to this?

WhiteHouse.Gov Sparks Controversy After Quietly Replacing Judiciary Branch With ‘Constitution’ Section

Here’s a taste of the Republican zombie’s view of the chaos:

GOP congressman shrugs off detainment of Iraqi war heroes: ‘This happens’ to ‘people of this color’

California may be the first big crack in the system. I hope if they do go Oregon and Washington follow.

California Just Threatened To Stop Paying Taxes If Trump Cuts Federal Funding Over Sanctuary City Status

A view of the Trump Jackassery from World Leaders:

World leaders react to Trump’s travel ban

And an excellent piece by Holger Stark in Spiegel. A German diagnosis of the disease that is killing America:

How America Lost Its Identity– Spiegel

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