Only One Of Us Is Leaving This Room Alive


We are now locked in a room with an extremely dangerous insane person, who’s armed with nuclear weapons. One of us ain’t making it out of here alive (metaphorically speaking– kind of). That’s where we’re at. Some, a lot of people, may not realize it yet, or may not want to, but that, brothers and sisters, is the situation.

I’m not alone in this assessment. Let’s see, a short list: Robert Reich is probably there, Paul Krugman is there, Carl Bernstein is arriving:

Carl Bernstein: Republican Officials Are Openly Questioning President Trump’s Stability and Maturity

Keith Olbermann, to his credit, recognized it immediately:

Olbermann slams ‘lunatic president and his amoral flying monkeys’ — including ‘Kellyanne Con-Job’

Some of the half-sane on the Right are beginning to see the horror of the situation:

Conservative columnist: Trump may be so bonkers he doesn’t even know he’s lying

It doesn’t really matter what anyone’s assessment is at this moment, though, because the truth is: Only one of us is leaving this room alive. That’s the nature of the fight that’s happening right now, whether you know it or not, or admit it or not. Only one of us is leaving this room alive.

This is a death match. Make no mistake.



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