Apocalypse Insurance– and other good reads for these strange days

The super-rich are helping to tear society apart, seem to somewhat understand that, don’t care and are preparing for the collapse. If things do turn ugly these people should be mauled first.


Soon to be released Chelsea Manning will be writing a column for The Guardian. I couldn’t agree more with her first one. The American Right has been playing by the rules of Total War since, at least since Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1994, and they started their serious neoliberal, dog-eat-dog capitalism push in 1981. During that time the American Left negotiated, collaborated, sold-out and compromised us right to where we find ourselves today.


Compromise doesn’t work with our political opponents. When will we learn? Chelsea E Manning

And here’s a very interesting piece from The Moscow Times. Interesting, I think, because of its casual resignation to life in an authoritarian state. There’s a real sense of hopelessness in this writing. Also interesting because it talks about the militarization that’s happened in Putin’s Russia and the economic hardship that that’s brought. It’s a real “this could easily be our future” article.

Unattainable Utopia: How Alexei Kudrin Plans to Reform Russia’s Economy (Op-Ed)



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