Emergency Preparedness: Secession Edition


It’s just a good idea to be prepared for emergencies. We have earthquake emergency boxes stashed in a safe place here. Trump is an earthquake walking. We definitely should be prepared. Resistance has pointed out repeatedly, and will continue to do so, that we should begin to think about what we would like a new government, a new constitution, to look like. If no disaster comes then at least we’ll know exactly what we want to change. I don’t think it’s alarmist to look at Trump and the Republican controlled government as a real disaster about to happen.

What if things seriously go off the rails, and fast? A real and dangerous over-step into outright and obvious authoritarianism? What then?

I propose that we begin to plant the seeds in our representatives imaginations. I propose that we begin to ask out representatives to begin imagining scenarios were secession becomes a matter of survival. It may seem dramatic, a drastic proposal, but every passing day makes it seem easier to imagine.

I propose that we begin to ask our representatives to consider the idea, as an emergency option, and begin to think about exactly how it would be done and what changes we would like to make to the existing constitution. For example: could like minded states on different coasts form a new country? Would a new constitution ban private money in elections (it better). How would government transparency be spelled out in the new constitution? How can our new constitution protect against gerrymandering, voter suppression and other tactics to corrupt our democracy? How would Fourth Amendment privacy be protected in the digital age? Physical autonomy in general and a woman’s right to chose specifically? How would issues of economic justice be addressed? These are questions that we need to discuss and think about as we prepare for an emergency that we would rather not see.

Below is a PDF file of a letter to a representative. Feel free to print it or cut and paste it into an email and send our and share. The file, labeled “Secession” can also be found in the Action page.







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