Blurring Speed Round-Up

It’s picking up pace now. Here’s a blurring record.

When we form a new government transparency is absolutely critical:

Trump bans government scientists from sharing their work with the taxpayers who funded it

The crazy is widespread:

Rep. Steve King: ‘I got out my calculator, ran the numbers and came to 2.4 million’ illegal votes

As is casual misogyny:

Texas Lawmaker: Jailing women for abortions will make them ‘more personally responsible’

The movement to criminalize dissent is creeping forward:

GOP lawmaker threatens jail for protesters who called ex-NC Gov. McCrory a ‘bigot’ to his face

And Trumpets the Clown’s crazy is becoming ever more evident:

White House sources say Trump was ‘visibly enraged’ at the size of the Women’s March: report

Trump Declares His Inauguration ‘National Day of Patriotic Devotion’ in Proclamation Littered with Religious Buzzwords

Whew! Dizzying pace of crazy and evil.



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