Say Hello To Cynical And Vindictive


If you don’t know, Mark Halperin of Bloomberg is the worse kind of smoozy, inside the Beltway putz. This is what Halperin says about lies:

“As for this White House’s performance: governments lie all the time,” he said. “Usually they lie about big things. This was a series of lies from the President, from his spokesman, that were unnecessary,”

Governments lie all the time? Lying poorly and unnecessarily is the thing that pisses this putz off. Lying? That’s normal, just do it well and save it for the big and important things.

This attitude from shits like Halperin is a root problem.

‘It’s the Absolute Worst of Trump’s Personality’: Halperin Gives Grim Assessment of CIA Speech

And Tom Cotton, Junior Senator from Arkansas– we have to keep our eye on this one. Tom wants leadership, bad. This story from Daily Kos about the disgusting level of Tom’s vindictiveness should not be forgotten.

Tom Cotton has hissy fit and exposes himself as a massive vindictive hypocrite





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