First Business Day Of Trump America– Trump never goes anywhere without an applause team

Trump apparently travels around with an applause team. Creepy. The press corps should start bringing their own laugh track to counter it.

A big day for general misogyny.

Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Surrounded By Men

Indiana GOP lawmaker faces instant backlash after posting meme mocking ‘fat women’ at Women’s March

GOP lawmaker deletes Twitter account after mocking anti-Trump protesters with p*ssy retweet

Speaking of creepy and misogyny this video will seriously give you the willies. Something is very wrong with this man:

A Revealing Moment Between The Trumps

Even at the state level a kind of general meanness and naked corruption was the order of the day.

Louisiana police chief pushes ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law to make resisting arrest a felony ‘hate crime’

South Dakota lawmakers declare state of ’emergency’ to force repeal of voter-imposed ethics law

Walker proposes new welfare work requirements in Wisconsin

Lawmakers In Eight States Have Proposed Laws Criminalizing Peaceful Protest

The sense from here is that the wheels are definitely coming off this wagon. We probably really want to start thinking about what we want the new wagon to look like.

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