Women Are Leading The Way

This is from the Women’s March in Portland, Oregon.

Honestly I have sympathies for the, kind of, Militant Left– the anarchist and Disruptj20 types. I want to think that they are a good counter balance to the far Right’s toxic masculinity and militia tough guy routine. To be honest though, I’m becoming disgusted with their random and seemingly leaderless violence. Burning limos in the capitol doesn’t accomplish much and gives Trumpy and the Zombie Right an excuse to crack down. Yesterday, too, one of the masked Disruptj20 guys sucker punched Richard  Spencer of the nazi Right in the face on live TV. I have no love for Spencer, but the move seemed pointless and disturbingly thuggish.

By contrast the Women’s Marches that happened around the country today had a completely different vibe from what I can tell, and I was at the Portland march. The vibe was upbeat, brave and determined. Women, lead the way. That’s what I say.

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