View From The “Reasonable” Right



Here’s two pieces from anti-Trump Republicans that are interesting. I disagree with them on several points, though. The main issue I have with their takes is that they both seem to be working under the assumption that American Democracy will be alright. We’ll make it through because our institutions are strong and they will save us.

They seem to be ignoring the fact that their party, the party that’s about to put Trump in the Oval Office, now controls those institutions that they think will provide the bulwark against Trump madness. These “reasonable Righties” oppose Trump but continue to delude themselves about the condition of their party, in my view, and, therefore, how dire the situation really is.

For what it’s worth here’s the view from what passes for the Reasonable Right:

Truth in the Age of Trump by Eliot Cohen

A Final Reminder: Here’s Who ‘Owns’ the Trump Presidency and Who Will Get the Blame/Praise by John Ziegler

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