Double Shovelful Of Round-Up

Drudge is surely right with this headline but I doubt it’s in the way he thinks.

Pussy Riot. Always listen to what Pussy Riot has to say:

5 Russian Words Pussy Riot Wants Us All to Learn Before Trump Takes Office

“Widespread Misconduct”, there’s another phrase we’re going to grow accustomed to:

Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused Of “Widespread Misconduct”

David Gergen has been around. Trump disgust him, he can’t hide it:

‘Really?’: CNN’s David Gergen rolls eyes at ‘preposterous’ Trump claim his cabinet has the highest IQ

Digby (Heather Digby Parton, top shelf writer for Salon) tweeted tonight that Trumpy looked high to her. I’ve had that sense before too. Anyway, weird shit Trumpy is stammering as seen from the Israeli point of view:

Trump promises change not seen in decades

Inauguration Eve. Brace yourselves.

Photographer:Tony Wills, 30-Aug-07



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