Big Sloppy Round-Up

Corruption, corruption, corruption. Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), likes to buy stock and then introduce legislation that would help his stock. Slick. Elizabeth Warren shined a bright light on him during his hearing today. The zombies don’t like bright light.

WATCH: Warren fiercely grills Trump pick Price for pushing bills that would benefit his stocks

Trumpets the Clown continues to threaten the press. And again, start thinking now about what the response will be when they go from threats to action. It is coming.

Trump accuses NBC News of spreading fake news

It’s starting to dribble out that there was, surprise, money coming from the Russians and going to the Trump Campaign. No way!

FBI, 5 Other Agencies Probing Possible Kremlin Cash to Aid Trump

Surface to air missiles have shown up at Dakota Access Pipeline. A severe escalation against, probably, drones, or, to put it another way– an escalation against anyone reporting on what’s happening there. I imagine the missiles are there to take out drones. The zombies hate the light.

National Guard Deploys Missile Launchers to Dakota Access Pipeline to ‘Observe’ Protestors

Below is an Amazon ad for a mini-drone with HD camera. It doesn’t fly long but I doubt they’d fire a missile at it.

Here’s a couple of links to mini-drones with cameras from BiongBoing as well: Pre-Order: SKEYE Mini Drone & HD Camera For 34% OffParrot mini-drone, $100, reviewed.

And, finally, the ray of sunshine. President Obama appears to be setting up to push back against Republican voting restrictions and gerrymandering post presidency. Excellent.

Obama Says Voting Barriers Are Directly Linked To Jim Crow And Slavery

And, double sunshine, Van Jones, Van-Frickin’-Jones! This guy gets a gold star. Today he beat Rick Santorum like a rented mule! Yay!

Van Jones scorches Rick Santorum for whining that Obama sounded ‘too progressive’ at final presser

There’s your round-up as we march towards the Friday apocalypse. Stay in the Light, brothers and sisters.

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