Big MLK Round-UP

First off, It’s being reported all over today: A new Oxfam report stating that the eight richest men in the world own the same wealth as the bottom 3.6 BILLION. Sounds like a healthy, well functioning economic system right there.

These 8 Men Have As Much Money As Half The World

Next up– yesterday it was reported that nazi celebrity Mike Enoch was doxxed. I read the dox. I figured he might become estranged from his rich, liberal parents, might lose his lucrative tech job, maybe even have to move from his cozy Upper Eastside apartment. I do not have the mind of an alt-righter because I completely missed the lede. Mike has a jewish wife. That’s what killed his little media empire. Jewish wife. Okay. I’ve watched some of his trash. Anti-Semitic jokes are kind of his thing. Once again I see– psychopathy is the common thread with all these zombies.

The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish

Neo-Nazi media outlet collapses after fellow racists discover the founder’s wife is Jewish

Speaking of media, two things to note– First, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). These guys were a youtube channel. Trumpy’s about to promote them to the big leagues because they are pro-Trump/pro-alt-right all day long.

Pro-Trump TV Network Has Big-League Dreams

And secondly, in case you hadn’t noticed, the trailer park tabloids are going all in with Trumpets the Clown.

Pravda on the Checkout Line

The only thing that passes for good news today is Obama sending US troops to Poland and Marines to Norway, I suspect just to make things tougher on Trump. Trump will have to call them back to let Putin crash through another border.

Russia says US troops arriving in Poland pose threat to its security

Hundreds of U.S. Marines land in Norway, irking Russia



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