Trump Counter-Intelligence

Hoo-Boy, What the hell is going on here? Multiple tweets from the soon-to-be Commander in Chief (dear God) back-handing the American Intelligence community and praising Wiki Leaks, Assange and Putin? Even more, Trumpy, apparently, is lying again (big surprise) about his Russian-Hack intel briefing being delayed until Friday. The Intel Community is saying that’s when it was originally scheduled. Trumpy did the same thing with his NY Times meeting, you may remember– Lied about scheduling and their agreement.

Donald Trump Sides With Julian Assange On DNC Hacks

Trump derides intel briefing on ‘so-called’ Russian hacking

Trump Takes Jab at ‘Intelligence’ Officials for Allegedly Delaying ‘Russian Hacking’ Briefing

Ex-CIA operative rips Trump spokesman on Russian hacks: ‘What the hell is that dude talking about?’

I have no idea what Trumpets the Clown is up to here, unless he has some very real and serious risks in the Russiangate story. That’s the only way this makes sense to me. He’s pissing off some important Republicans and the Intelligence Community. Dangerous and powerful people to piss-off without good reason. Does Trumpy have vulnerabilities here? That’s what it smells like. Do the Russians have something on him? Was he in on the hack? Questions, questions, so many questions.

Republicans voice disdain after Trump tweets support for Julian Assange

Trump’s tie in to the Russians and the hack is obviously making him nervous. This is an issue that must be pursued.

Here’s an issue that’s kind of drifting to the back that maybe should be re-examined– The Russian bank Alfa was found to be pinging messages off Trump Tower servers last year:

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

Donald Trump email server with ties to Russia’s Alfa Bank questioned

And here’s some questions for the press to ask Trumpy at his press conference:

“Do you owe any Russians any money? Have you received any payments from Russians or the Russian Government since you started running for President?

You can post up your own questions at #QuestionsforTrump on twitter.


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