The First Skirmish

Secret late night votes to gut ethic rules…? Sounds like the sort of thing going on in the new National Populist government of Poland right now. Our American GOPer zombies wasted no time. And they wasted no time in getting their asses handed to them in the first skirmish of the war.

Flooded with phone calls from voters, House GOP drops effort to gut ethics panel

House Republicans Drop Efforts To Gut Ethics Watchdog After Onslaught Of Criticism

Three take aways from this first skirmish:

1) The zombies are afraid of igniting an uprising. They are, you can smell it. They know they’re entering dangerous waters. They backed off quick when they sensed the masses getting mean.

2) Making noise works. At least for now. Phone calls, emails, twitter barrages– they work. The din scares the zombies. They do not want a mass revolt but they’re just smart enough to know that their policies could easily trigger one. Again: Noise works.

3) They will not be so easily deterred. Expect them to try this again in smaller bites and different ways, that’s their M.O. Re-brand it, use different tactics and keep trying it.


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