Prelude To A Nightmare: Israeli Domestic Politics

I’m no fan of Politico, it’s too much like a high school cool girl’s clic for the inside the Beltway crowd. They’re often amoral and, just as often, wrong. Every once in a while, though, they publish something like this: Straight, in-depth intel. It’s worth a read.

Trump Could Be Israel’s Worst Nightmare

The take away is that all of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s domestic political pressure is coming from his right. Not a good sign. The debate in Israel doesn’t seem to be about whether annexation of Palestinian land is a good idea or not; the debate seems to be about how much Palestinian land to annex. This is trouble.

Also interestingly the article offers some evidence that the American Jewish Left is trending away from reflexive support for hardline Israeli policies. But the bad news in that nugget is Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer. The Minority Leader position is going to be an important post in the days of resistance ahead and I’ve never felt that Schumer was a good pick for the job, especially now. Schumer continues to be out of step on Israeli issues with the American Left, and, if this article’s info is right, he is increasing out of step with the American Jewish Left. Not good. The Trump forces are not stupid. They will pick this up and exploit the rift.

Things to watch. Be prepared to call out Schumer, the odds are good they can get him to collaborate using the Israeli issues ahead.

Netanyahu Intensifies Criticism Of The Obama Administration, Thanks Trump




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