Pieces Of The Middle East by Molly

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The Middle East is a horror show of complications, but, but… it might make things a little less, well, horror-showish if, maybe, we tried a policy of doing what looks to be the right thing? Maybe? Once in a while?

The US gives a HUGE amount of money to the Israelis. You’d think for this kind of massive payout we might insist they in turn treat the Palestinians like, you know, Human Beings. Maybe.

There’s a lot of people in this country who would quickly call the Palestinians a bunch of terrorists if you suggested this. I seriously doubt that those same people would react well if they, their wives, children and loved ones were being treated anything like the Palestinians are being dehumanized and abused every day.

Trump has picked bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman for his ambassador to Israel. To call Friedman an Israel hardliner who doesn’t give a shit about the fate of Palestinians is to be generous.

The Israelis have been drifting further and further Right during the Obama Administration and there has been obvious friction between Obama and Netanyahu. The Israelis have continued to, basically steal, annex Palestinian land for new settlements. Now, come on… How do you justify this? There’s something very 1930’s German about this, isn’t there? And yet the United States regularly runs cover for the Israelis on this. We use our powerful seat on the United Nations Security Council to veto international condemnation.

Until now. Obama had our UN ambassador abstain from a Security Council vote to condemn Israel for continuing to build settlements in Palestinian Territory– Let’s not mince words, steal, annex Palestinian land.

That’s big. Obama did it over the objections of Trump. I have to ask– Why’d it take Obama 8 years to figure out that covering for inhuman actions is a real bad moral position? It will have very little effect, I think, as Trump and the war-criminal grade hardliners are about to take over, but, okay. Maybe it will start a conversation in this country that should have been begun long ago. Maybe.

Still, one other very troubling thing about this UN vote abstention to me is from the Democrats. The establishment Democrats, like Chuck Schumer are up in arms about Obama’s move. Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish, but also, and I hope firstly, the US Senate Minority leader. US Senator, not Israeli Senator. Can these establishment Democrats ever learn? Backing the play of a human rights abuser, in this case Israel, is always, ALWAYS, a losing move.

The US Middle East Policy has to be re-thought from the ground up, starting with giving billions of dollars to the Israelis who are abusing the shit out of people and adding to the massive surplus of hatred in the region. I don’t expect Rightwing Zombies to get that, but the Left better figure it out quickly if they want to have any credibility after the long night that is now falling on us.

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