The Word Of The Day: Obfuscation

Obfuscation. Let’s say it together: Obfuscation.

A tried and true tactic for anyone who’s working against the facts from Native American genocide to Climate Change. Notice the Zombie Right is going into obfuscation overdrive now where it concerns Trump the Dunce’s legitimacy.

Trumpets himself has been talking about his ‘landslide victory’. Oh boy. Now the Russiangate story is getting the ‘muddy the waters’ treatment. The Rightwing Media Machine is gearing up. Fox News is all over this. Tucker Carlson has been earning his pay by Obfuscating the Russian Hack story for days now. The basement nazi trolls on 4chan have turned it into a meme-battle.

Based on all this, it’s a good bet that if the Senate has an investigation into Russian hacking of the DNC they’ll spend plenty of time confusing the issue.

Trump’s legitimacy is what they are trying to protect. They’re obviously and rightly insecure about the issue. This then is where they must be attacked. The legitimacy attack needs to be sharpened and focused. This is something they are afraid of.


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