Silver Linings: Good Riddance Mitt!

Mitt Romney is no hero: He’s a big old two-time failure, and Donald Trump is partly his fault

This article in Salon gets most of it, but fails to mention that Mitt, after he got Birther Trump’s endorsement in 2012 he started cracking jokes on the campaign trail about how ‘no one had asked him for his birth certificate.’ Ha ha, Mittens, that racially charged shit never gets old. Mitt helped create Trump by legitimizing him.

Before Mitts got fed frog legs by Trump he was scorching the man as a threat to the nation. True enough. He should have apologized for helping to create the monster, but okay.

Here’s a couple of articles with lists of all the harsh things principled Mitt had to say about Trump before he won the election:

Here are all the harsh things Mitt Romney said about Donald Trump

Here’s THE LIST of Mitt Romney’s VICIOUS Attacks on Trump

Pretty rough stuff.

Then he sat down for a plate of frog legs and some groveling.

Today he told Harry Reid: “Good Riddance!” When Reid called him out for his hypocrisy. Reid didn’t help make Trump the monster he is today; he didn’t trade in toxic racial tropes, and he didn’t sell his soul, not for a plate of frog legs or anything else– So, Good fucking riddance to Mitt Romney. Hell, maybe Ryan and McConnell will get plates of frog legs next.

See, there is a silver lining.

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