Breaking- The Russians Have Some UGLY Dirt On Trumpets the Clown by Lance Akamai

Remember the Comet Ping Pong Pizza story? I know, I wish I didn’t either, but I think we found the ‘Cheese Pizza’.

The same source for the Ping Pong Pizza story, plus another well placed anonymous source, that is not an orange marmalade tabby cat, and many hours spent on the ugly dark-net– all confirm that the Russians have tape of Trumpets the Clown frolicking with underaged girls and taking large amounts of cash from high-ranking Russian officials. the evidence is being used to blackmail the hapless Trumpets the Clown. This evidence will, I repeat, will, be leaked as the Russians grow tired Donald’s clownish antics. The Chinese are also interested in acquiring the so-called Russian Doll Tapes.

Watch this space.

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