This Is Fine

Donald Trump takes aim at US intelligence community on Russia

Even Tea Party Douche Joe Walsh is realizing he got screwed. His twitter feed reads like a child learning there is a Santa Claus but he’s a psychopathic serial rapist and scam artist. Poor Joe. This would be funny if it wasn’t happening to the whole country:

Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom
There’s evidence Russia messed around with our election, but cuz our guy won, people on my side are ok with that?

That’s so fucking wrong.


Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom
Call me naive, but the one person who should call for an investigation is Trump.

No foreign country should ever mess with OUR elections.


Joe Walsh ‏@WalshFreedom
Where is the Republican outrage today?


This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s an American issue.


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