Nope, You’re Not Going Crazy– This is All Completely Insane

I’ve noticed, since this nightmare began seven or eight months ago, that strong, intelligent people who I have great respect for are, periodically, breaking down. I’ve seen it. If that sort of thing is happening to you– don’t panic. You’re not alone. In fact, at this point it seems to be a sign of sanity, decency and humanity. I’d be more worried if we weren’t having periodic emotional collapses. But we’ve got to keep it together. Double Down Don and his GOP toads are not going to go gently into that good night.

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Reichstag Fire Countdown…

The scapegoating of brown, black, muslim, and LGBT people– we’re pretty far down that path.

Yesterday when CNN’s Acosta asked Trump about the violence in Charlottesville, Trump called him “fake news” and walked out. The ‘fake news’ campaign to undermine the press has been going on for a long time but it looks like it’s reaching a new, more brazen level.

Trump to CNN’s Jim Acosta: You’re fake news

So, attacking the ‘fake news’ or ‘lying press’, lugenpresse as they used to say in Germany– yep, we’re pretty far along on that one.

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You Really Want To Fight Nazis?

It’s true, we’ve got proud, swastika toting nazis marching down American streets right now. Let’s be honest, though, these guys found their voice and courage to come out into the light as a reaction to our first African-American president. It seems like a lot of the Republican’s gains were due to white reaction to the changing demographics of America. They are extremely dangerous and violent, and in all likelihood will become more so, especially if Trump is removed from office.

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Just Another Saturday In Trumpistan

This is Trump/GOPer’s base. They’ve spent years coyly cultivating and dog whistling these people. They’ve been playing this game for a long, long time.

Reagan’s Neshoba County Fair “states’ rights” speech

Guns, Extremism, and Threats of Escalation

White House adviser says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much

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Another Neurotic Weekend In Trumpistan

Trump’s go to news source, Fox and Friends (Geezus):

Fox and Friends: ‘There is merit in a pre-emptive strike on North Korea’

Trumpy really seems to love the attention he gets from threatening annihilation.

Trump threatens Venezuela with ‘military option’

Just another weekend in Trumpistan. Lock the doors and curl up with a truckload of xanax.

Suicidal Impulses

It kind of feels like there’s some people in our country who are hoping for an existential war right now. It feels like its that same suicidal impulse that helped elect our current Jackass in Chief.  America may be going through some disturbing suicidal ideation at the moment.

I mean, threatening nuclear war on twitter… My dude, Really?

President Trump tweets warning about ‘powerful’ nukes as cabinet members try to cool North Korean threat

Seriously, this guy’s got 30+% approval rating? Who the fuck are these 30%? Whoever they are, they are a serious threat to themselves and others.

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House Cleaning In A Hurricane Round-Up

Busy news day as usual, but we have a backlog of bits and pieces to link to. If you’re stuck on a slow bus or in a waiting room and need something to read, we got you covered.

Cyber shenanigans first: The US military, and then cops, and now, God knows who these people are, have been working on using aircraft loaded with cellphone pinging-data gathering gear to track individuals and what they’re up to. These planes are flying over a city near you. Your cell is your best friend and worse enemy in the New World.

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Bot Theater Report

Every fighter in this thing should realize, and be humble enough to learn, that just about all of us have fallen for it at some point. Left, Right and Center. We’ve all been targeted and most of us have been successfully played on some level. The sophistication of Robert Mercer’s A.I. software at Cambridge Analytica, combined with the sophistication of the Russian cyber information attack is impressive. And you add to that, what is , frankly, GOP operatives here, on the ground in the U.S, directing the fire, and, well,… there is no shame in getting tricked by this operation. The only shame now is not admitting it and learning and moving forward better armed.

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Let’s Play ‘The Game’

This kind of speculation can get you into trouble, but it’s probably worth trying to game this thing out a bit just to get a rough idea of what the terrain is like up ahead.

Now we know that the Mueller investigation is further along and widening  out more than we might have previously guessed.

White House as crime scene: how Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump

Exclusive: top FBI officials could testify against Trump

Flynn looks to have his ass in a serious sling here. You have to wonder what the hell the guy was thinking. Not only that, but our old friend Robert Mercer and his creepy as hell Cambridge Analytica company is right back in the thick of bad acts, yet again.

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Brace Yourself, Kiddo

Right now I wouldn’t even bother with the small stuff like the ridiculously dishonest and dysfunctional White House; the open gas lighting of Fox News, or any of the other daily drama. Shit looks to be about to get real heavy up in here.

Brace yourselves.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Reportedly Assembles Grand Jury, Ramping Up Russia Probe

With A Grand Jury In Place, Rumors Rise Of Potential Mueller Firing

Projection has been Trumpy’s tell since his father started smacking his dense ass around:

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