Murka Has Done Took A Wrong Turn

But don’t fret none– All roads lead to that ‘Come to Jesus’ moment sooner or later, so, one way or ‘nother, be awight.

Murka has done took a wrong turn. Probably started when she genocided the natives. Got even worse when she decided to enslave the Africans. Got a whole hell lot worse when she took Mammon as her God. Actually, that may be where the whole thing starting going off the rails in the first place. Don’t believe the hype, Murka never was a Christian nation. She has always worshipped Mommon with all her heart, mind and soul. From the very beginning. Remember Thomas Jefferson said a lot of sweet words about ‘liberty’ and ‘being endowed with inalienable rights by our creator’ but he said all those things after the genocide of the natives had already begun, and while he personally owned human beings as property himself– so take it all with a grain of salt.

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I’m Not Saying: “Kill The Rich (and their heirs)”, But…

I’m not saying: “Kill the rich (and their heirs)”, but, keep in mind: without Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebecca, Trump is just another obnoxious lout in a world crowded with obnoxious louts, not the President of the United States. Without the Koch bothers Scot Walker and Paul Ryan would be working the graveyard shift at 7/11 not running large pieces of our government.

I’m not saying we should kill the rich (and definitely all their heirs as well), but if things really go off the rails we might want to know their names and addresses to, you know,  have a frank discussion.

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Escalating Violence– Time For Sane Constitution Government– A New Political Action Committee

In a time of increasing political violence a re-newed commitment to sane, rule of law, constitutional government is even more important. HowNow is a new political action committee dedicated to supporting Democratic candidates who support that principle. HowNow PAC also advocates for a reformed grassroots, bottom up DNC. We support HowNow’s vision  and encourage their support.

HowNow PAC

This. Especially In Light Of The Baseball Field Shooting. Bold Plan Against Authoritarianism

The GOPers will fully exploit the baseball field shooting to try and further their corporate/authoritarian agenda. Do not be cowed. The response  should be a bold counter agenda.

Video: How To Resist Trump’s Shock Doctrine

Remember the GOPer reaction to the political murders on the Portland train? Remind the GOPers. Constantly.

Lost The Office Pool– Had Trump Out By June

Of course he should never have been elected in the first place. As we keep saying around here: Trump is a symptom of a very serious disease in the nation. I believe Trump will be gone, hopefully before he does something desperate in an attempt to save himself; but even when he’s gone America’s very serious illness remains.

The GOPer party and a solid third of the country think this is A-Okay:

Appalled NATO Allies Call Dinner With Trump “A Total Sh*tshow”

Trudeau decides it’s just not worth appeasing Trump in foreign-policy shift

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Fight Terrorists With Justice Or The Terrorists Will Win

The US is making more terrorists every day with its unjust policy towards the Palestinians. The US’ undeclared war in Yemen is making more terrorists. Being in bed with the Saudis: Making more terrorists. Talk of interment camps: Making more terrorists. Religious travel bans: More Terrorists.

If we want to de-fang extremists of all types the only way, the only possible way, is to embrace justice, real justice. Do The Right Thing kind of justice. Strategic rationalizations, like looking the other way about Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians, won’t bring peace to the Middle East or protect the West from terrorists. Killing poor villagers in Yemen won’t help keep Britain safe. Gitmo will not make France or Belgium safe.

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America, The Bad Reality TV Show

Will the sneaky, bumbling, idiotic congressman Nunes  succeed in protecting his Russian sponsors and handlers?

Top Intel Dem: Devin Nunes ‘Requiring Sign off’ On Russia Probe Subpoenas

Will the US government fire Fox News as it’s official propaganda organ in favor of Alex Jones’ InfoWars?

Trump Campaign Sends Email Linking to InfoWars Article Touting Support for Paris Accord Withdrawal

Will pathetic and psychotic Clown in Chief Trumpy cause a global environmental catastrophe before he launches World War 3?

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America Is Disintegrating Before Our Eyes– Covfefe Round-Up

The fact that 40% of the country and half of the political power in America seems to be onboard with the current suicidal madness is a very, very bad sign. Let’s face it– the current national government is, absolutely, an enemy of the average American citizen. They are not working for you. The White House is a den of vipers who appear to be only in it for the money and they really don’t care what effect that has on you and your family.

You ever notice how the Fox News crowd loves to demonize the poor and claim that they are constantly gaming the system? Maybe the Righties are just upset that the poor aren’t able to do it on the sheer scale that the rich do it. The rich Righties are gaming the system to literal death.

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Controlled Dynamic Violence– Memorial Day Portland Edition

The war is escalating whether you know it or not. The Right is ramping up for violence. They brag about it and organize for it on their discussion boards. If you think you’re going to passively protest, oppose or resist, well then you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. The Right is not going to let you get away with passive or peaceful anything.

The Right had already raised Kyle Chapman to hero status for clubbing Left protesters.

The Epic Sage Of Based Stickman

Now two men have been murdered on a Portland train for standing up to another Rightwing foot soldier, Jeremy Christian. Christian was known to police as a violent white supremacist and for his violent threats at Portland protests.

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