The Corporate Oligarchy Moves On The Net– Shit Just Got Real

When will we revolt against the corporate capital worshipers? When? Because they are going to take everything that’s good, everything we value. We can revolt now or wait until they capitalize our water and air. Waiting is becoming more dangerous by the day.

Wait until they pass they’re wealth transfer ‘tax bill’. This situation is dire and getting more so. Drastic action is becoming the only viable option open. We call for an open revolt against the corporate capital worshipers, their elected stooges and anyone who is assisting their take-over of our lives. Revolt. Period. Do it now or wait until they are even stronger.

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America Owes Black Women A Huge Debt Of Gratitude

What other demographic so reliably stands and votes decency, dignity and justice? African Americans, and specifically African American women have been the unsung, absolute foundation of the American Left and the Democratic Party for too long now. In Alabama they delivered a dose of much needed hope into a dangerous political season. You can’t really overstate how important their strong voice was in this election. They may have helped turn the tide that will result in saving the country. One of the great ironies of Tuesday’s Alabama special election is that African American women may have saved white working class Alabamians from themselves.

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The Psychopathic Corporate Person

The GOPers are busily mashing together their Wealth Transfer Bill. Whether they get it signed into law or not they’ve shown what their dream of dreams is: To make the psychopathic corporate person the master of our country. They don’t even have the decency to hide who their masters are anymore:

Republicans Admit That CEOs And Donors Really Need The Tax Cut Bill To Pass — Or Else

Not only that but the GOPers are down right contemptuous of the the non-corporate beings among us. Senator Orrin Hatch can barely contain his disgust at poor children who won’t bow down to the corporate rich:

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The Coup Is Underway –or– See You On The Dark Web

If you want to see a slice of what the future might look like for America, if the corporate coup now in progress is successful, check out Kansas. Koch Industries took over that state’s government some time ago. It ain’t pretty. Their schools are third world-ish, the state judiciary has been knee-capped and they have lots of wind that they could exploit for cheap, clean energy, but the Koch boys won’t let the state do that on account of their big fossil fuel interests. So, yea…

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The Hostile Take Over Of America

If we make it out of this mess alive there’s going to be one hell of a clean-up on aisle America. Years worth of mess. Foreign cyber attacks on a, hopefully still, open society.  That’ll be a tough one, but doable. The corporate take over of our country may be harder to clean up. The past 35 years we’ve been cruising down the corporate take over road, but the the last year of Trumpista’s control has seen that take over shifted into hyper-drive.

U.S. Billionaire Bonanza 2017: 3 Men Now Own More Wealth Than the Bottom Half of the Country Combined

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Humanity’s Exploitative Tendency– From ‘Christian’ Child Brides To Full Blown Slavery

Animals do this too, so, I guess we’re no worse than animals.

A crow will watch another crow and follow him to where he’s hiding food and then eat up his stash. Damn exploitative crows. Of course the crows haven’t evolved advanced technology. The crows don’t have tracking software or machine guns, and they don’t make slaves out of each other.

Besides, you’d like to think that humans, who have evolved and possess advanced technology, might have evolved and possess advanced spirituality and morality. You’d like to think that, but truth would emphatically disagree. In a lot of ways we’re much worse to each other than crows. We’re sophisticated and cruel in our exploitation of each other far beyond the level of most ‘lower’ animals.

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The Party Of Money Worshipers, Nazis and Sexual Predators

My, How The GOPers Have Changed

My, how the GOPers have changed. They’ve become the party who is A-Okay with treason. They’ve become the love-buddies of the Russians. They have no problem at all with blowing up the national debt (as long as it’s for military spending or tax cuts for the rich). Sexual predators? Come on in! Nazis? Fine people! You’re among friends in GOPer-land.

In today’s edition of The Party of Sexual Predators and Nazis:

Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32

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