It’s A Great Time To Be Alive

We’re here at a time when incredible things are revealing themselves on all sides. We’re seeing the collapsing of old post-WW2 structures. We’re seeing the limits and failures of dog-eat-dog capitalism. We are witness to exponential advances in technology that’s revolutionizing our lives, for better and for worse:

The technological advances are also leading to new and insidious methods of exploitation.

Of course it would be nice, too, if we were living in a time when we had a government that actually was for and by the people. Imagine if you or I really had a say in how our government worked. We would probably realize by now that Big Data desperately needs to be regulated– how and by whom it’s gathered, and how and by whom it’s used. The government in place at the moment is more interested in letting us, the average American, be exploited by the big tech data gathering entities, so, we’re pretty much on our own. It’s dog-eat-dog in the wild west, to mix metaphors. Why should a corporation like Equifax be able to ruin any person’s life, and that’s when they’re functioning normally? But the data they keep on you and me isn’t even safe. So, you and I can be exploited by them, and then by the hackers who steal our data, oh, and then by them again as they fail to inform the people whose data was stolen FOR SIX MONTHS. And the executives dump their shares of the stock BEFORE THEY ALERT THE VICTIMS. Then they send the victims to a hacker’s trap site.

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Every Day A New Humiliation

It’s humiliating just being an American these days. Every day is a new low. Every day is a fresh shit mist coating of shame. Donny talks like a chimp using sign language. He boasts about himself constantly. He threatens the world with nuclear destruction because it’s a day that ends in “Y”. He not only doesn’t criticize authoritarian regimes, he steals from their speeches:

Trump Uses Putin’s Arguments to Undermine the World

Oh, it’s good to be an American.

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The Tar Pit Of Tech Monopolies And Wealth Dynasties

If the Democrats would like to try being proactive for a change of pace they could begin (yesterday) in staking out a position against monopolies, massive tech corporations, and allowing dynasties of wealth to suck us down into the tar pit of serfdom. These concentrations of money and power are becoming more and more dangerous.

A handful of ultra-rich dynastic families are bleeding the country dry — and destroying American democracy

Fired Google Critic Says Monopoly Power Puts ‘All Society at Risk’

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Capitalism Is Toast — BS degree, $50K in debt and a $15/hr job, oh, and the tap water is poison

It’s crumbling. You know it in your heart. As Richard Wolff remarks in the below podcast, ‘Capitalism had a good run’, but it’s just about over now. Capitalism is taking us down a path of human suffering and environmental havoc on the express route now. Time to seriously think about what comes next. The podcast below is definitely worth your time. Listen to in while you’re commuting:

Capitalism vs. Socialism: Richard Wolff

Profit first, before all else, is making our lives miserable and will kill our children. Capitalism has become a form of rabies.

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Yandex Tracking Code

Kind of creepy. Seeing the Russian search engine/data company tracking code on a website may make you decide to stay the hell away from that site. Yandex code is popping up in the strangest places suddenly.

Investigators search Ukrainian offices of Russia’s Yandex

What’s the Deal With Breitbart News and Yandex? Israel? Nothing?

FBI’s Russia Probe Looks At Right Wing Sites, Breitbart, InfoWars

The Russian data, tech and media game is strong. Very. This really was an act of war. The West writ large is going to have to come up with a strong response to these cyber/info war-level attacks, soon.

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The Black Bloc

With the ‘American situation’ growing more extreme and desperate; and with the recent Russian and American Right attack on the so-called antifa, I thought it would be a good idea to review the American far Left, because we’ll definitely be seeing more of them. And although I’ve stated our position on it in the past, we’ll re-state it.

First of all, the Leftist who wear all black do so as a tactic they learned from their European cousins. It’s a protest tactic that makes them harder for the authorities to identify– it’s a tactic, not an organization identifier. So, for example, you may well see anti-globalists anarchists wearing all black; you may see antifa, or anti-fascists, wearing all black, you may see Anonymous, the hacker group, wearing all black. The all black uniform is a tactic usually employed by the far or militant left.

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Chaos Theory And The Russian Gerasimov Doctrine

Senator Mark Warner Of Virginia has a question. He says he understands that the Russians have the technical ability to effect the US political process, but how did they get such advanced political knowledge about the US system? Political knowledge that exceeded even the top political operatives in the Democratic Party during the last election?

Warner says Senate Intel needs to understand how Russians had the “political knowledge” to target ads on @facebook

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White Nationalist Fever Dreams, Hurricanes And Rabid Lunacy

The DACA (Deferred Action for Children Arrivals) repeal is on our doorstep. A pure, cruel bone thrown to the GOPer’s White Nationalist base.  Slate’s Jamelle Bouie is right, I think, that the GOP is largely the party of the racist, but there’s another, powerful wing of the party: The Money Worshipers, and their goals are different from he racists, so there very well could be war. Just remember– Neither wing of the party is a friend to the Left. In fact the Money Worshipers arguably do as much racial harm as the outright racists.

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Russian Black Tech Roundup

The evidence is mounting that the Russians directly influenced vote counts and possibly worked with the GOP machinery at the state level with voter roll purges. That’s bad. Real bad.

Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny

Evidence of Russian Election-Data Tampering Mounts as Urgency to Investigate It Does Not

This is a war level attack event, and worse, it looks and smells more and more like our own, so-called ‘fellow citizens’, in the form of the GOP, were active co-conspirators.

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